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Bruit, textes, musique parfois, Lost in Space se propose chaque dimanche de 21h à minuit sur les ondes FM de vous surprendre, vous plaire ou tout simplement passer trois heures de voyage sonore.

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The punk rock show

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Le disque de la Semaine

- Cortona : no master no dogs

Retrouvez la première sortie du label, et leurs émissions tous les samedis soir 20h sur radio active.

The punk rock show

- NOFX Liberal animation 1991 - Sloppy english (1:20) Recorded in 88 by Brett Gurewitz in 3 days at west beach recorders. We we’re all stoked cause we got to meet Brett from bad religion. He asked us if we wanted to put the record out on epitaph, but we wanted to put it out ourselves. What a mistake. It took almost a year to sell 1500 copies at 4 bucks a piece, and we only got paid for half. We ended up giving the record to epitaph like 5 years later with a new cover. I wouldn’t say this record sucks, but it’s still pretty hard to listen to.

- Descendents - Hurtin CruE (2:31)

- Chixdiggit ! - Hemp Hemp Hooray (3:36)

- Government Issue - Legless Bull EP - Anarchy is Dead (0:30) Had to watch American Hardcore for the second time today. There’s something I really like about the movie that the book didn’t accomplish : I get inspired when I see it. And as long as a movie does that to me it serves it’s purpose. Yeah, I know we all miss some bands in there. Government Issue is one of them. I can’t recall their name being mentioned one time. Remember the first time hearing this. It was so atonal much due to John Stabbs vocals. But it was just as great as the Teen Idles, played the same night, which I heard for the first time in 1981 on Radio Ryd a student show hosted by Mats Nilsson from Massmedia/Huvudtvatt. (suite)

- False Prophets - The Taxidermist (4:19)

- The Gears - Don’t Be A Fraid To Pogo (1:34)

- Ugly Americans - LEFT In The DARK ! (2:35) Once the American hardcore scene got up and going, bands were popping up from all over the place. As the "No Core" compilation tape documented, the Carolina’s and surrounding areas were brewing with some inbred, monster truck, sister fucking, twisted hardcore. A lot of bands that made some of the most classic of records in the early 80’s would come from this area. One such artist Simon Bob Sinister fronted Death Records 4th release, the almighty Ugly Americans "Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed" and this is a fair documentation of what the band could deliver. However, other recordings (including live) would sometimes outdo this mini LP. If you like C.O.C. "Eye For An Eye" era hardcore then I think this is right up your alley. Check it out and let us know what you think. (suite)

- Spoiled Brats - Rich kids (2:47) We put up the Supercharger 45 a while back, here is another early 90s Bay Area club classic, the last 45 from the Spoiled Brats released on some weird UK label. In general, you didn’t hear much of the Bay Area first wave garage on 45s outside of the USA, this and the Rip Offs split with Teengenerate on Wallabies being exceptions. I always thought this record, along with the Fingers 45 on Bag of Hammers, was one of the most underrated 90s garage punk 45s. Elka, formerly of the Trashwomen, really cuts loose here on Rich Kid with the singin’ and wotnot, and it also sounds like someone broke the piggy bank and fed quarters into the producer’s soundboard like crazy because this thing is most definitely not lofi. Those are real, actual guitars bearing down on you ! (suite)

- Terminal State - Fourwalls (1:20)

- The Infants - Giant Girl in the 5th Grade (2:37)

- NOFX Liberal animation 1991 - Mr Jones (3:18)

- Flatliners (The) - These Words are Bullets (3:13)

- Fleshies - Jumpers (2:11)

- Mad Caddies - Macho Nachos (3:17)

- The Dickies - Donut Man (2:56)

- Buddy Holly - Words of Love (1:55)

Le r*ck est m*rt - sélection (assez peu) représentative

- Jowe Head - Cuticles (4:27)

- Curve - Horror Head (3:44)

- Pheromoans - Limited Scope 1 & 2 (1:00)

- Mainliner - Tsukisasaru (1997) (5:30)

- Desperate Bicycles - Advice On Arrest (2:27)

- U.V Race - Girl In My Bed (2:58)

- Cold Cave Confetti Pitchfork Music Festival 2011 (4:28)

- Rolling Stones - Hey Negrita (5:04)

- Procol Harum - Exotic Birds And Fruits - The Thin End Of (3:42)

- La Ligne Claire - La Direction (con fluta) (1:48)

- Areski - Un beau matin (1972) (2:22)

- Can - Dizzy Dizzy (1977) (8:23)

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